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the rush is ON (Kumori-con!)

Sorry for the long dry spell, guys! Hopefully after next week we can get back on schedule. *crosses fingers*

We WILL be in the Artist's Alley Kumori-Con in Portland this weekend! If you're gonna be there, stop by! And tell Arlene Penrose that she's completely AWESOME. Because she is. AWESOME.

We will also be in a panel! The panel is Upstart Artists, in the Hawthorne Room/Panels 1 room at the Doubletree, 5.30-6.30 pm on Saturday. We will be making stuff up talking about Chosen along with two other great artists, Emi of The Way to Your Heart and Natalie Nourigat of Random Production. Teh excitement!

This group mourns the temporary loss of our great PR person, Smallfeather, as she is undergoing rigorous training in Moscow a secret location. *shakes fists* You weren't supposed to get a life, woman! Come back soon!

Anyway, come to our panel! Ask questions! Come to our table and visit us! Make us feel important!
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