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Kumori aftermath!

Just wanted to say: Kumori-con was SO AWESOME. I don't know how, but it somehow managed to be even more awesome than last year. And last year was AWESOME.

I'd like to post a real con report with pictures later, but for now that'll have to wait. Just to summarize:

eerielunarose is the shiznit. Worship her. Besides saving our butts and getting us a table in the Alley, she also set up our panel, which turned out to be really fun and cool. We met two awesome artists who'll be our sister sites soon, and got to talk to a lot of nice people who actually were interested in the comic. Besides which, she's just amazingly sweet and nice and fun to hang out with. And she was my cosplay twin as the other Henry from Silent Hill. ^^

We ALSO met our first two-and-a-half fans! You guys ROCK. Yeah, you. You know who you are. You're awesome.

Kumori-Con is by far the best con I've ever been to. Everyone should go!
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