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Next year's conventions

Now that our convention season is pretty much over, it's time to think about next year, right?

We're thinking of doing one of the California cons instead of Sakura-con, (for reasons, you can read my livejournal entry on the subject, if you feel like it), and I'd heard good things about Fanime, so I was looking at travel costs.

Preferring to avoid the bus, after hearing Fireball's horror stories, I was checking out the amtrak website. XD Yes, we could travel by train!

Anyway, roundtrip for two people is around $378. . . kind of a lot for us to shell out. So I decided to check out what the airfare would be, figuring that it couldn't be all that much more. Nope, wrong. $536 for that. ~_~;; Mrrr. . . why do all the good cons have to be so expensive?

So I was wondering what you guys thought. Anyone have suggestions on conventions to attend in the northwest?
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