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Just news this time... X-posted.

I updated the main page at Chosen with this same stuff. ^^; Just as an update.

We just got back from Kumori Con in Oregon - one of our favorite conventions. We met lots of new and old friends and had a great time there. As it stands, our next convention won't be until Sakura Con or possibly Anime Oasis.

Luckily though, both Inomi and I are newly employed and finally mostly settled into our new apartment, so that means.....

You can expect a new update in the next couple weeks! =D

Unfortunately I lost our half-completed next page in the move, but I know as soon as I re-draw it, it'll turn up. -_-;

Open Commissions!
Commission info on the Store page!
I picked up a few new commissions at KumoriCon, so after those, I'm going to open up for more! (Personalized sticker commisions are also available..... more details on these soon on our store page, or just email us for pricing.)
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